Communication growth RPG game

The game is about connecting with the people of a beautiful island as you explore it
As you work, playing, party, and have fun, Various Events,you will grow and develop your relationships with more people.
There's even a Bowie living in town.

The image below is a game screen

Game Screen

I used to make games in ActionScript 20 years ago.
I still get nostalgic requests to reopen it.
I am not a programmer. I am an amateur. But the idea was well received and well received
. I had given up on it due to my age, but with the development of AI, I decided to produce it.
I may ask for your help in some cases.
At that time, I will put out a call for applications.

First game production and first 3DCG created

The first game I made a long time ago and the first 3DCG image I madehere
Although it is not a game that is popular and has many revival requests, this is a memorable image of the first game.

Game Explanation

It is a system in which changes in personality occur and the environment in which we live evolves according to our work, hobbies, response to accidents, abilities, decisions, and actions. People in the city can talk to you.
By working in the city and developing relationships with people, various parameters go up and down. A simple flowchart is presented below.

Island Map

Three zones
1: Downtown: An area where rents are low and common, and close to the ocean.
2: Middletown: A trendy area with many ups and downs, popular with the young.
3: Hills Town: Upscale, celebrity-laden port town
4: Historic District: Towns with many archeological sites

The image below is a game Map

Game system Explanation

・Depending on your personality, your relationship with the characters in the city changes with your affinity for them.
・Range of activities depends on health status
・People's impressions change depending on their mental state.
・Where you can live and the stores you can enter depend on your financial status.
・The work you can do depends on your ability.
・The rate at which you can date depends on the impression you make.
・The type of people you can date depends on your hobbies and preferences.
・Luck, luck, you will meet a wonderful person!

Parameter list (1 example)

1 character: 10 kinds
Health: Good、Bad、What`s wrong?
Mind: Stress,fatigue
property: Poverty to affluence, 10 levels
ability: Brain system, sensory system, physical system, special ability
impression: 10 types, including dark, light, etc.
tastes: 20 types of music, art, sports, nature, etc.
fortune: 10 levels

Bowie's parameters in the game are challenging.
I think you have to first improve your economic situation and improve your luck to meet him!
For updates on the game, please see the announcement on the home page.

Image of the first horror game made with 3DCG