I will write the update history here

5/19/2024 add work

4/19/2024 Started selling notebooks and bookmarks

4/5/2024 Notebook set giveaway

3/5/2024 Ka.cho.fu.getu no.3,add work

3/1/2024 Event Request result[Charlotte Rampling]

2/18/2024 27 types of bookmarks now on sale

2/7/2024 Request event/start

2/5/2024 Ka.cho.fu.getu no.3,add work
nature, add work

1/22/2024 Present Plan project has ended.
The winners were notified by email.
Thank you for your application

1/11/2024 Ka.cho.fu.getu,add works

1/11/2024 Anniversary page start

1/8/2024 Event start

1/8/2024 Open

11/7/2023 Pre Open