about Sale[reservation]

It will still take some time to prepare the sales environment. This will be done after all legal issues are cleared.
Until then, we will provide it without making any profit.
I will sell it to our followers just for the cost of materials Therefore, I can only make enough for 3 people per month. Please understand. Reservations are accepted.
Please pay by PayPal
If you would like to share your SNS, please let us know by DM

shipping:elivery may not be possible depending on the area
:Varies depending on the rate at the time
:Sizes are currently up to A4, which is cheap for shipping

* I will include a bookmark as a bonus.If the bookmark selection screen is not displayed, please select it here

Form Description
Please copy the name that appears in the selection item and paste it into the selection item field on the Form to apply
Some of it is in Japanese so I will explain

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